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Artesia DP-150e

How much do upright digital pianos cost?

Like anything, you really get what you pay for with upright digital pianos. The sheer amount of craftsmanship and work that goes into them means that they do tend to command a higher price, but that should never put you off.

Most upright pianos will last you a lifetime and will likely be handed down generation to generation, so at the end of the day you’re making an investment. Prices for upright pianos start at around the £2,000 mark and can up to as much £5,000+ depending on what you want.

Different woods, different finishes and the on-board effects found in digital uprights all make a difference in price, but you need to make sure you find the right piano for you. Something that feels great at a lower price is going to be a better option than something more expensive that doesn’t quite match your playing style.

These best electric upright pianos were chosen based on price, affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction. Please take a thorough read through each best electronic upright piano to learn more about the digital upright piano you may purchase!

1.Roland F-120 Review

Roland F-120
Roland F-120

The second upright keyboard I’d recommend is the Roland F-120. This keyboard is a minimalist and sleek addition to any home, and its compact stature means it saves the unnecessary space used by its contemporaries. Put this digital piano beside any grand piano and a seasoned master of the trade won’t be able to tell the difference between the sounds.

The F-120 also has the neat feature of being able to be customised to however the user likes. Its sensitivity can be changed between 5 levels, its pitch can be fiddled with in degrees of 0.1 Hz between 415.3 Hz and 466.2 Hz and everything can be transposed to 6 semitones downwards, to 5 semitones upwards.

2.Artesia DP-150e Digital Upright Piano

Artesia DP-150e
Artesia DP-150e

The Artesia DP-150e, a best digital upright piano by Virgin Musical Instruments has a beautiful cabinet finish design.

Virgin Musical Instruments has several other digital upright pianos that may be worth your time to look at.

This Artesia digital upright piano has weighted keys with excellent response so you can have sensitive playing with this musical instrument.

The internal metronome in this digital piano allows you to choose from many time signatures, such as 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, etc and many different tempos for quality practicing.

There is a USB port to plug in other devices such as a phone.

This device also has a keyboard split function, in which one side of the keyboard can have one sound effect, and the other side of the keyboard has another. The transposition feature allows you to easily change keys while playing.

The power safe mode is another excellent feature. If you forget to turn off this instrument after playing it, the instrument will turn itself off, which allows you to save a large amount of money from energy costs. More at

3.Williams Legato 88

Williams Legato 88
Williams Legato 88

The Williams Legato 88 is our pick for best budget-friendly digital piano by far. If you go this route you’re going to save a lot of money, although it does not come with a stand or any other accessories that you may also be looking for.

It’s one of the highest rated digital pianos on popular websites and for good reason. The only kicker is that the keys are semi-weighted, not fully weighted like real pianos.

However, not that semi-weighted is necessarily bad (nearly all MIDI keyboards are this). You’re still getting 88 keys, five sound options (piano, electric piano, organ, bass, and synth) and built-in speakers. There’s also a feature called ‘Split Mode’ where you can divide the keyboard into two sections allowing two types of sounds to be played on each side.

Pretty nifty feature, although not necessarily revolutionary its still something that’s fun to mess around with. Lastly, you’re getting some effects, too — reverb and chorus can be applied to each sound and retrained, perfect for customizing your sounds for a more natural feel.

You can hook up a sustain pedal and it also has USB MIDI connections which to me is huge because you can always use a VST to replace the sounds with numerous possibilities.

Lastly, it’s battery operated although you can use an AC power adapter, but that lets us know that you can travel with it (although pretty big since it has 88 keys). Here’s a demo video showing the sounds of the Williams Legato to give you a better feel.

4.Yamaha Arius YDP162B

Yamaha Arius YDP162B
Yamaha Arius YDP162B

The Yamaha Arius is a very well known and popular digital upright piano. They have 8 different models of digital upright pianos.

The Yamaha Arius YDP-162 has Graded Hammer action that is weighted to emulate the action of a real acoustic piano. The Synthetic Ivory keys also gives this best digital upright piano the feel of a high quality acoustic piano.

With Yamaha’s PureCF Sound Engine, this digital piano reproduces a very realistic piano sound. Yamaha created this sound engine by capturing audio from their concert grand pianos.

The Acoustic Optimizer in the Yamaha Arius enriches the overall sound by adjusting frequency and resonance. The 128 polyphony also helps with creating a rich and powerful sound.

5.DP10 Digital Piano Review

The last (but not least) upright keyboard I’d recommend is the DP10 Digital Piano. Although not a household name like the Roland, the DP10 has an impressive suite of features.

The DP10 has a divine black matte finish across its luxurious pseudo-wooden exteri DP10 Digital Piano reviewor making it a must have accessory to those in a modern home. Each of the 88 keys is weighted to the nth degree in order to make it the most authentic playing keyboard to date.

Like those on a guitar, strings can become loose or tighter depending on the temperature of a room therefore changing the pitch or ruining the tuning of a piano. Due to the amount of skill involved in tuning an acoustic piano, this can be quite costly over time as you need a professional to handle this.

With a digital piano, you can place these in non-temperature controlled rooms, perhaps by a radiator, by a window or where a breeze often gets in without having to worry too much. Of course make sure this is within reason as there are electrics to think of here! You don’t want to put anything too close to a radiator or heat source for too long.

When considering which upright keyboard you wish to purchase, you have got to understand what you want out of your keyboard. Each of these keyboards will make a fine addition to any home, but the musical features differ ever so slightly that picking one rather than the other can lead to disappointment.

I am going to ultimately recommend the Yamaha YDP142 as its legendary sound simply cannot be matched by either of the other two keyboards, and to all pianists, sound trumps gimmicky features any day. More at